5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Meat

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There are 5 good reasons why you should stop eating meat and switch to being a vegetarian.

Here’s a list for you to know the positive effects of vegetarianism.

1. Have compassion for animals

The number one reason you should stop eating meat and exercise being a vegetarian is that you get to show compassion to animals.

Animals are also living beings and are great companions. They are a part of the earth’s ecosystem. These days, most farms have no protection from cruelty against animals. Think of this. Farmed animals are unintelligent. They cannot escape experiencing the pain when slaughtered. Plus, there is no rule that says they should be killed for the reason of food. They do have the rights to live just like us, humans!

A vegetarian lifestyle meant to awaken our humanity and spirit of compassion which guides us to be kinder and giving us the right and moral choice to protect animals not exploit them just because we seem powerful than them.

2. You do not risk having heart disease

The best part of being a vegetarian is you get to avoid disease and do not risk having heart disease. Vegetarians have been healthier than ever before and they have a 24% lower risk dying due to heart disease than nonvegetarians!

Doctors recommend most of us to live a vegetarian because it reverses heart disease. Plus, your vegetarian diet is the only solution to also keep away from having frequent visits to the hospitals.

3. Lose excess weight

Vegetarians may have lower BMI due to the consumption of a diet that is high in fiber-rich and low-energy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Most vegetarians are smiling beings. They tend to have a lower body mass index and this proves BMI levels are lower in vegetarians of all ages plus for both man and women.

4. Get a glowing skin

These days, women tend to go to pharmacies to recover from skin problems or meet the doctor but they don’t have to worry if they follow a strict vegetarian lifestyle. The end result, a happier you and glowing skin.

Vegetables and fruits are the best diets for your skin. Eating more fruits and grains will help you get the nutrients you need for growth and will help to further reduce the formation of wrinkles, black spots and makes you have fairer skin. The best idea is to include more tomatoes, turmeric, papaya and carrots in your daily intakes.

5. Prevent Cancer

The reason why I chose a vegetarian diet is that it may prevent cancer. You heard that right!
Who doesn’t want living a life without health issue? Various studies have said that cancer can be prevented through a vegetarian lifestyle and this is due to research carried out overseas. In the 10 years of research, they found that a vegetarian diet decreased the risk of all cancer types. The idea here is to consume more leafy green vegetables, bright fruits, and vegetables, fresh herbs, and spices to prevent cancer.

Switching to a vegetarian lifestyle is never too late and doesn’t do any harm to us; considering the various benefits, it has to offer.



Top 8 Qualities For You To Succeed In Life

positive-954797_960_720                                    Stay Worthy and Trustworthy

By R.Durga At 1.15pm

Inspired by unpredictable circumstances and which got me thinking…

What are the qualities one must have to be a jovial and successful person both in life and at work?

Our success derives from our mindset rather than skills and to build a good mindset, it takes a lifetime. Most of our mindset is what we believe in and they were taught by our ancestors, our parents, mentors, and spiritual teachers.

“When you see life throughout the eyes of others, it offers a different unique perspective rather than what you see, think and believe. Mindset influences everything you see and do and it stems from your habits. So, what are habits? Habits are the activities you do daily. Try practicing often and they will stick with you lifelong.

” Mindset is who you really are at your core. It’s your habitual way of thinking. While it’s not easy to change, the purpose of life is to evolve and become better a human being. “

So you should think about these human qualities from time to time and always encourage yourself to do better.

Employers also believe that it’s much more likely that a person with the right mindset will be able to develop the required skillset than that a person with all the hard skills would develop the right mindset.

Now, let’s dive into the 8 qualities you must have to succeed in life. This checklist serves as a guide for you to build a good mindset. The right mindset can be your competitive advantage when seeking employment or progress in life.

Top 8 Qualities For A Jovial Successful Life

Several qualities will eventually make you a successful human being on the face of this Earth.

1. Be Empathetic

The most important trait of a successful person is empathy. Being empathetic is different than being sympathetic.

Empathy means you’re able to comprehend what others are feeling and listening to them when they need you the most. It is one of the best traits of an empath. An empath can listen to your problems and help you build the courage to face them on your own. They can know what ticks you off and what builds a happy “YOU”.

2. Be Intuitive

Having intuition means you are open to the mysterious thoughts on your mind and seeing the bigger picture. Through intuition, you’ll get to find solutions to the problems you encounter and intuitions are actually the best way to help you avoid an issue.

The effort lies in gathering the relevant data for your subconscious mind to work on. Intuition often plays a strong role in decision making. You rely on intuition when you must make decisions and take action on them very quickly.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”—Albert Einstein

Often, making a decision can turn out to be hard but with intuition, you’ll get to compare the odds and decide on a technical rationale.

3. Be Creative

Why creativity is essential? Most of the successful people on the face of this earth are those who can think out of the box. They do their research and learn new ideas. In fact, they create new ideas which isn’t a norm for others.

Being creative is allowing your intuition to reveal possibilities to you and following them in the moment. Being in flow is a sort of meditative bliss state, in which your mind is concentrated than at just about any other time. Great ideas come to you when you lose yourself in your work. Some of the best creative experiences come from working in collaboration with others—especially when you can achieve a flow state together. Flow brings joyfulness to your work.

Learn to connect with your creativity through practice, practice, and practice! The source of creativity is your wild imagination.

“Creativity is just connecting things. … Creative people … [are] able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.”—Steve Jobs

4. Be Passionate

What is passion?

Passion—“An intense desire or enthusiasm for something.”— Oxford Dictionaries

“Being a successful human being means to be passionate in life. What’s even more riveting? When you combine passion with great drive, enthusiasm and focus, you’re able to concentrate and be dedicated to the task at hand.”

Your utmost passion should be: Doing great work! Don’t settle for less. Don’t compromise on quality. Love your work and you’ll have the motivation to continually hone your skills and expand your experience. When you work with passion, you can reach your full potential.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”—Aristotle

5. Be a Life-long Learner

Learning—“The acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study, or by being taught.”—Oxford Dictionaries

Being a life-long learner is a quality of successful people. Having the motivation and the ability to learn and grow throughout your life is an essential quality in today’s fast-changing world—especially for UX professionals. You can learn through reading and deep reflection—but most of all you’ll learn through life experience. You can learn by questioning things—and asking the right questions enables you to solve problems. Often, you’ll learn from your mistakes, so life-long learning requires that you dare to keep taking risks.

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”—Albert Einstein

Qualities of Effective Team Members

Qualities that make you more effective when working with other people or on teams include being a good listener, being persuasive, being responsible, and most important: being a leader.

6. Be a Good Listener

The best part about listening is you get new ideas and listen to people’s ideas, not just to their words. When you listen well, you’ll experience fewer misunderstandings and make fewer mistakes.

Effective listening is especially important when doing user research. Having empathy, being a good listener, and using your intuition will together make you a great researcher. Everyone opens up when someone listens to them attentively and shows great interest in what they’re saying.

All too often, people are so eager to speak themselves that they don’t really listen to what others are saying. When people end up talking all at once, all that you hear is chaos! So being a good listener will be the differentiator between you and your peers.

“If we were supposed to talk more than we listen, we would have two tongues and one ear.”—Mark Twain

7. Be Persuasive

Good at persuading someone to do or believe something through reasoning or the use of temptation.”—Oxford Dictionaries

Persuading another to listen to you is not an easy task. Be a little more interested in what another person has to say to you and then you walk the talk.

You have to persuade business to adapt your strategies and fund your projects, sell your design ideas to your design team and product team, and get developers to faithfully execute your designs and, thus, bring all of your hardwork to fruition.

Your confidence in yourself and your ideas will help you to persuade others but always remain open to the ideas of others, too, and support the best ideas whatever their source.

“If you would persuade, you must appeal to interest rather than intellect.”—Benjamin Franklin

8. Be Kind

Kindness— “The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.”—Oxford Dictionaries

It’s essential to be kind and respectful of the people with whom you work. Treat your colleagues as you would like them to treat you. Being kind to one another makes the workplace a happy place to be, smooths the team’s interactions, and helps everyone to be highly productive. When your teammates are struggling, show them compassion and help them to get through tough times.

Demonstrating generosity toward the people with whom you work will set you apart from peers who are overly competitive or focused on self-advantage. Your strength should be about sharing ideas and information freely with your teammates to enable them to do the best job every single day.

Thank you so much for reading.



12 Simple Ways For A Happier Life

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How Do You Avoid Negativity in Life?

Have you ever wondered how some people are always happy and smiling whilst others always appear grumpy? In this place called Earth, we often encounter people who are either unhappy or happy. There is always the opposite of every good thing you see.

If you see a happy child sitting in a bus you also see an unhappy child fighting with his friend for a seat on the same bus. If you see a happy young lady on the street walking with her fiancé, you will also see an unhappy woman staring at them. In fact, the dog who is wailing his tail might seem the cutest act in your neighborhood, while at the very corner of a shop, a hungry angry dog barking at passers-by could seem to intrigue your curious minds.

How do you avoid negativity…

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The Perfect Best Friend


You will never understand who your best friend is until you find the real one who sings the same songs you sing and laughs at the same jokes you do or hate the same person you hate. A best friend is like a mirror and she shows the best version of you. Their number is the one you dial first.


They can be the truest friends you have and you can go through almost anything with them. Their dedication will keep you going.


Unfortunately, not every person on this face of the earth will find another person like them and even if they do, the relationship will need perseverance and patience to stay strong especially in the relationship called friendship.


Certain people know friends will be there for each other even when they hit rock bottom but many witness a mask underneath a person whom they thought was their only reliable best friend.


This is the story of the three best friends and who had thought of each other as the best but little did they know about what the future had in store or what God had planned for them.


On one Saturday evening, Diana sat and found herself drowning in an ocean of questions about her best friend Mary who had stopped talking to her and also did not make any effort to check on her. It was an awkward situation and for the first time in life, Diana breathed huge disappointment.


Diana has never been disappointed all her life but what Mary did was unforgiving, unbelievable and even shocking to her. Mary, in her twenties, somewhat smart and a close friend of Diana for almost 10 years, had not actually realized her worth.


Few months before Mary’s birthday, Diana had arranged to meet her but eventually failed as she could not find the time. Diana was about to bring her family out that day and it was planned earlier. Several months passed by and Mary had been hesitant of meeting her. Among these two friends, Felicia was the person who always had time for both.


She had to go overseas due to some reasons and in between all of these, Mary had found herself alone. So, she began to find for new friends and she had ignored the real friends she had.Even if she did not meet them, it will never become an issue but the actual reason both had started despising Mary was her unwillingness. She never had time for them.


Diana and Felicia were on the same page about what they’ve experienced but none of them were ready to question her.


Until one rainy Tuesday…


The most heartbreaking day finally arrived in Diana’s life. She felt her world breaking apart, her trust broken into pieces and she had lost all the patience she had.


She took the phone and dialed Mary right away. After she had greeted Mary, she was unhesitant and questioned her attitude.


Mary lied again! Diana was unable to meet her for many months and on top of that, Mary had lied to her about her whereabouts. They were actually meeting the next Sunday but without any prior information, Mary had called it off the last minute. Diana had found herself in a pool of devastation and disappointment.


She was not sure whether she would be able to give her all to be her best friend anymore. Along with the white lies, Diana had found herself being cheated many times as Felicia began to open up the story of how she used to meet Mary and did so much for her kindness but been returned with ignorance and ungratefulness.


In the end, she also realized that Mary wasn’t into being really good friends with her but only wanted a friend with benefit. Felicia finally decided to tell Diana. As she finished uttering the words about how heartbroken she was, they both broke into tears. They promised each other that they would not contact Mary anymore.


It all started with a small misunderstanding to a breakout of the truth and at that moment, Diana had understood betrayal. She understood that best friends need to trust each other and serve loyalty and that Mary could not be trusted.


Days passed by and finally, on New Year’s Eve, Felicia and Diana had decided to meet at a park. They talked for hours and they hugged each other knowing that they still have each other even if the worst circumstances appear.


As Diana drove back home that evening, tears rolled down her cheeks and she felt a burning sensation in her heart. She remembered how they used to laugh together on the silliest jokes and she will never forget how Mary became her friend but she knew best friends need to always stay connected and committed.


Mary could not keep her happy. She knew for years to come, she will also be unhappy and will not keep Mary happy. She wiped her tears away and was ready to move on. As she stopped slowly at the traffic light near her home, she saw a little girl waving to her. The incident had taught her to be stronger and that not all people are meant to stay in her life.


They just are meant to teach her great lessons for a happier and successful life. Few years after, Diana had won the Pulitzer award for best story written and Felicia had proven the world her talent as a diamond ring designer and she was the most sought after in the metal industry.


Even after years, they finally get to meet each for a cup of tea and as they were finishing their last sips, Felicia had told Diana, “I am so proud of us. Even after years, we’re still best friends and love each other so much. Your love had kept me going and I lived in peace knowing I have you.”


Diana replied with a hug and said, “I love you, always have and always will.”

-The End-

Thank you so much for reading. Your comments are valued.


The Swimming Cockroach

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“Oh My God!”

Akash screamed as loud as he could. He had never felt this way before. In his bathtub, he felt choked. His legs started to shiver.

He found a swimming cockroach and slowly he decided to run out of the tub but just when he steps out of the tub, time stood still and the cockroach flew above his eyeballs. He quickly put on his towel.

Akash thought it went missing but as he turned to see the mirror, he screamed again!


The cockroach landed on his hair and he let out a terrified scream again.

Akash finally ran out of his room. Another cockroach had found its way to the tub and in mere seconds, the cockroach flew again back to the tub. Akash had a sigh of relief. He rested on his bed and got ready to school but the two cockroaches swam happily and they were running here and there.

When Akash got back from school, he found not one but two swimming cockroaches and decided to kill them but to no avail!

Then, he called his neighbour to get rid off them. This time, Ajay picked them up with his bare hands and quickly opened the toilet bowl. He pressed the flush button and the roaches tried escaping but they couldn’t.


The End













Rain Droplets

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Two eyed monster

By R.Durga

It was a rainy day at St. Paul street. Heavy rain droplets made sounds on Rina’s rooftop. The night seemed very cool, quiet and windy. Her room windows opened and swung closed like a music box. In a quick second, she felt shivers down her spine as she gazed outside her floral draped window. She looked at the fresh green leaves in her backyard, the pretty flowers and the sound of the rain soothed her.

Sound of crickets came in the nearby door. She walked towards the door. She wanted to close the door and enjoy a movie at home alone but as soon as she began to walk, something walked and went past behind her. She stopped to breathe for a second.

“Oh Lord, what was that?” She murmured to herself. Rina felt helpless but she kept repeating words of prayer while walking to the door. She…

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The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle is a short story describing what happens in the lives of three best friends.

Creative Essayist

3min read ~ At 7.48pm

By Durga Radhakrishnan & Manpreet Kaur


There was an enormous explosion.

It was as though a fist of white flame had decided to punch its way out of the 17th floor. Windows shattered, smoke rushed out. Thousands of pieces of glass and steel, a deadly rainfall, showered down. A huge bite had been taken out of the side and the roof of the building and the rest of the city of Kuala Lumpur was left with a smoke of white dust. It was hard to believe it had done so much damage. People lost their abilities to see colours.

Their world was nothing but shades of grey.

Tiara and Margaret looked upon their sobbing friend and drew near her.

“God, why did you do this to us?” Dianne wept in front of her Xcite Dance Studio.

“Don’t cry, dear Dianne.”  Both said at…

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God of Love

IMG_20190227_221516_586 Saraswathi Ayadurai

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“You’re the love that never fades away. You are the sunshine in the midst of rainy days and your love has kept us secure. Your touch has blessed us for years. We’ve traveled so far but we’ve never witnessed the genuine yet generous love you’ve shown us.”

Saraswathi Ayadurai  was born on 19th August 1933, was the sweetest granny and a favorite friend in the neighborhood she lived in.

Most of us give up easily when we experience bad luck but my grandmother was a lady of strength and we were all very proud of her. She was the epitome of love and joy; can be the moodiest person known but when you pay her a visit, she loves talking and giggling with glee.

Saraswathi granny appeared weak sometimes because of her health condition. She was wheelchair bound due to diabetes. She was young at the time diabetes had struck her but she did not lose to faith. After her husband passed away in the year 2005, she didn’t neglect herself and her children. She continued doing house chores such as washing plates and folding clothes even being a disabled citizen.

She was the most loving and caring grandmother; treated her grandchildren with love, support, countless blessings, and wishes. My aunts were responsible and took good care of her. My family members and I often paid visits to her during the weekends. Our family members always made the point to meet her whenever we could. She was special; being her granddaughter made me feel proud.

We met her on special occasions and her cookies were the best. We didn’t feel buying any from the shops. She made the best sweets during the festival of lights each year. One of the best sweets she made was “Nhei Urundde”.

How will I forget someone like her?

My brother and I have rushed to her needs at odd hours and it made me realize something truly important, my grandma was a lady of perseverance. She likes to fold clothes in the afternoon and loves praying in the evening. In fact, she doesn’t let anyone do what she can. It makes me amused at times but the truth is she never knew the meaning of giving up. I’ve seen her do things and kept herself a happy lady.

Being a mother of seven and getting married at the age of 13 is what we wouldn’t want these days but Saraswathi granny survived motherhood and parenthood starting at a very young age.

In her late 90s, she was still able to do things but she needed her aunts and grandkids to bring her to the kitchen or washroom. I felt lucky to stay and help her whenever I could. After a few months, she would give me some cash because I was still studying to get a Diploma back in the year 2012. She insisted to give me an allowance every single month.

I have gone a long way into studying, researching, and living my life as a content writer but all praise goes to God, my grandmother who knew what I wanted and my family who gave support. My loved one pushed me whenever I’d give up and in those times; I remembered my ailing granny who didn’t give up even when worst situations kicked in.

Words are not enough to describe how meaningful and special my grandmother was to all of us but her actions are the sole reason why we believe in what we do. As a matter of fact, before I learned to cook with my mother, my grandmother was the one who taught me that spending 6 hours in the kitchen can never be tiresome but fulfilling and fun as you do everything with love.

My grandmother Saraswathi loved watching dramas after dramas and eating sweets even being a sugar patient. We caught her many times eating sweet but she will never admit. She acts like a small child and begins to behave like one. She gets emotional but she reminds me it’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them. Her wisdom mixed with emotions became an eminent part of my life.

When I was younger, I used to stay with her and take care of her needs. From the day grandpa passed away, I learned to get her from the wheelchair and tuck her in bed. In fact, my cousins, siblings and I took turns to carry her from the wheelchair to the car or vice versa. We love her so much.

During my stay, I was given a simple task which is to keep water in a silver tumbler so that she didn’t have to wake anyone in the middle of the night to get her some water. She didn’t like troubling us. She even had small bags for her meds and you have to ask her because only she knows her usual meds before bed.

In spite of all I could do for her in my aunt’s place during the weekends, she was the most generous person I’ve known. She showed me that love wins over evil minds, greed, over hate, over jealousy, and at all situations, love unites people together.

Truth is, a few months before Saraswathi granny passed away on 2nd March 2018, she prayed to God Ayyanar to always keep us safe and protected. Little did we know that she would be leaving us all with broken hearts that will take years to mend. Her love for children and cooking were amazing.

In other words, I don’t think anyone could be like our granny because she made us giggle with glee when she spoke English with her own accent and made tears roll down our cheeks when it was her time to say goodbye.

I still remember the day she prayed for us and cooked for us even when she was wheelchair bound and took good care of us when we got sick.

Love is endless. In our eyes, Saraswathi granny is God of love. She had so much passion and compassion.

Even for years to come, I will not be able to find someone as precious as Saraswathi granny. She was the most unique gift, always loved and remembered by loved ones.


Humanity starts with you

Humanity starts with you.

Creative Essayist

The Calling of the Heart
Peace for the People

“Human beings who look for a miracle, have forgotten what they already have.” They breathe. It is because we are alive that we can treat others with ultimate kindness and humanity. It is with utmost simplicity that a man speaks from his heart to another.

He is Prem Rawat,Global Peace Ambassador. He has been speaking to audiences and wonders he does to them through his public speeches.

Prem Rawat was born in Haridwar,India on 10th. December.1957. He speaks at forums and programs emphasizing peace messages since the age of four.

“Peace and joy.. These just aren’t words. They depict the true meaning of one’s life,” he said during a public speech a few years ago.

Humans need to embrace and feel the importance of the most special gift in the world. The gift called ‘Breath’. When you realize it, you spontaneously become…

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Why you don’t need to take work stress home?

Creative Essayist

You hear cars honking in the middle of the highway.Pon pon.

It’s been a long day at office and once you get home, you snap at almost everything. The room is too warm or your coffee isn’t brewed the right way. You feel like you want to scream at the top of your lungs. What could have actually gone wrong?


You blame your loved ones unnecessarily and the next minute, you find them snapping at you.

A moment of unhappiness kicks in. You erupt like a volcano. Your wife quarrels with you for not having dinner with her and your son is amused that you didn’t utter a word when you got back home. Your friends don’t call you out anymore.


Some call it unhappiness but for most of us, it’s stress.


Many people these days are on their gadgets 24/7. They work and work till they’ve…

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12 Simple Ways For A Happier Life

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How Do You Avoid Negativity in Life?

Have you ever wondered how some people are always happy and smiling whilst others always appear grumpy? In this place called Earth, we often encounter people who are either unhappy or happy. There is always the opposite of every good thing you see.

If you see a happy child sitting in a bus you also see an unhappy child fighting with his friend for a seat on the same bus. If you see a happy young lady on the street walking with her fiancé, you will also see an unhappy woman staring at them. In fact, the dog who is wailing his tail might seem the cutest act in your neighborhood, while at the very corner of a shop, a hungry angry dog barking at passers-by could seem to intrigue your curious minds.

How do you avoid negativity in life even when it doesn’t seem to disappear?

You might wonder why this question has been asked to you. It’s quite bizarre that you don’t get to always live your life the way you have wanted it. There’s always the greener side but somehow some days feel really tiring and off the hook. You can’t get your work completed and suddenly from nowhere you feel all these negative words running really wild in your mind.

“Useless, lazy, good for nothing!!!”

Perhaps, there is more negativity in your life now that you have never thought before. The best things in life don’t always knock on our doors. We have to grab the opportunity and do what we can to get what we want.

In other words, positivity doesn’t strike us once every second but we need to tap into the feeling of positivity to feel more of its abundance every single day.

In the middle of the week, you want to still feel positive about what you’re doing but you find yourself drained and can’t take it anymore. You wished you had a carpet. A magic carpet! Something like what Alibaba had with him. You know what? You do have a carpet to escape from reality. It’s called ignorance and it doesn’t do you any good.

How nice would it be if you had happier days instead of stumbling upon bad days that never seem to leave your doorstep?

I have many friends asking me, how can you be happy even through numerous setbacks?

My only simple answer to them is there are many ways to be happy and the only way to start with? Work on a few ideas that can turn out to be good habits now and make them your best habits in the near future.

So, I am creating a guide simply for YOU to learn the 12 simple ways for a fun and happier life. Utilize these ways to invest in your personal happiness and avoid negativity in life.

1. Find out what’s your passion.

It’s truly essential for you to find out what sets your soul on fire. The only way you can find out what you love is identifying yourself with your hobbies. Your hobbies become your habits. They actually tell you what you’d like the most.

So, grab a paper and pen. Start jotting down your hobbies and tick the one which is the closest to you. Make a daily habit of indulging yourself in what you love. When you start doing what you love the most, then it’s time for you to build your happy self.

2. Grow your self- confidence.

What’s better than increasing your personal happiness and if you didn’t think it’s important, think again!

Do things that make you happier in the inside and confident on the outside. It can be something as simple as singing, talking to new people or even leading a project that you’ve set your eyes on.

3. Stop thinking you can’t

The most eminent part of your life is a belief system or what we call self-confidence. You need to believe in yourself that you’re capable of doing things on your own.

 4. Never say “NO” without trying

Another way for you to always stay cheerful and positive is to try doing new things and never say no when the opportunities arrive anytime, anywhere. Let’s say you’re a good cook, and you’ve been offered a chef job. Don’t decline it. Give it a try. Who knows? You’ll end up creating your own signature dish in the nick of time.

5. Do not let another person’s negativity affect you.

Stay calm and be positive. Well, you might think how will I ever be able to be calm and relaxed especially when someone says your coffee is too bitter or you can’t do business like them.

Here are some words you can use to further brighten up your day. Say these words while looking at the mirror. The trick here is to do this first when you wake up in the morning:

  • I am healthy and wealthy.
  • I am wise.
  • I am abundant.
  • Joy is everywhere and money flows easily.
  • I am so fortunate.
  • I am strong and fit.
  • I am kinder and growing happier.
  • My relationships are getting stronger every day.
  • I have amazing friends.
  • I can be independent and brave.
  • I am talented and I will be successful.

The magic ingredient? Add on positive words that will further increase your happiness.

6. Find friends with same interests and hang out as much as you can

Another way for you to keep yourself positive is finding friends who have the same interest you do. You can partner with them and enjoy the weekends. It can be a picnic, karaoke time or even horse riding. The main important thing is you get happier and encourage each other to live life with a pinch of sugar instead of salt.

7. Turn your hobby into your first passion

Some of us like reading, singing or painting. Whatever you’ve planned to do for the day, make sure to make your hobby your first passion. While you think reading can make you a better newsreader or singing makes you a professional singer, the path you choose will land you, your dream job. It’s because you love doing it most of the time.

8. Fail but do not accept failure

We are subject to witnessing failures but never let your failures stand in the way for better things in life. You should learn and move on to achieve even more in life. Never let failure be a block or a hindrance for you to be “YOU”.

 9. Listen to music or sing out loud in your car

The other activity which could make your day even prettier and happier is when you get to listen to the radio while working out or even singing out loud with your friends in the car while on a trip to intriguing places in the city or villages. It will be even more inspiring for you if you get to sing while caught in a massive traffic.

10.Drive to a place you have never been before

Go for an adventurous trip either in a new city or a new state. Feel the fresh air and enjoy the new scenery all around you. Make new friends and keep in touch with them. Celebrate life and enjoy the moments you have and stop worrying about what the future has in store for you.

11.Meditate in a quiet place

The power of meditation is that it can change the way you think of yourself and uplift your energy to a whole lot positivity and surrounded by good vibes only. It will help you to re-focus on the goodness in you and remove doubt to be replaced with clarity.

12.Cultivate a new habit

Last but not least, all work and no play is not allowed! Yes. For your continuous hard work, cultivate a good habit to entertain yourself and enlighten the kid in you. It can be a ride on the bicycle or even reading under a tree.

There are plenty of ways for you to avoid negativity. Why not start today? Make sure you do all you can to live your life the way you want it. All the best!

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